How Much is Delivery?

Delivery is FREE as long as you spend $27.50 or more.

Are there extra fees for customising?

Customisation is always FREE.

What Is Farmers Grade Produce?

Ugly Fruit and Vegetables – – The official term for this cast off produce is farmers grade, or we sometimes call it ugly produce. Farmers grade isn’t mouldy, rotten, wilted, over-ripe or bruised. It just doesn’t meet the supermarkets visual standards; either because the grading machine has rejected it, or because they haven’t used the grading machine. For apples, they are too green, these apples have lumps on them, these apples aren’t too round – nature is diverse.

You can read More Here.

Why don’t you have Garlic, grapes, navel oranges, Peaches etc available?

Real food Grocer thinks that it is important that we only sell fruit & vegetables grown in Australia. Because of this we only have what’s in season. So no garlic and stone fruit in winter – only valencia oranges and not imported Navel oranges in summer (the bright orange ones in the bigger supermarkets are all from California) It also means that some things (like baby corn) whcih aren’t commercially grown in Australia will never be available. If you aren’t sure when something is in season – ask! We’re here to help.

What is this weird brand you have?

You can learn about our individual brands on their brand pages here – we select all our brands really carefully – we want to support the best makers and growers around and take into account things like their environmental impact on issues like palm oil and plastic packaging, as well as if their products represent good value for money. We know the brands aren’t always the same as at the bigger supermarket s- but we’ve chosen each one because it is a brand that has decided to contribute to the world around it rather than just mindlessly creating profit.

What’s the big deal about Palm Oil?

Uncertified Palm Oil accounts for upto 2.57 gigatonnes of carbon emissions each year, is devastating to local animals like orangutans and elephants and it doesn’t need to be this way! We do not stock any items containing Uncertified palm oil and we check all the E numbers and confirm with the makers of products before we add them to the store. We also re-check all of our suppliers every 12 months and if we hear somethingon the grapvine as these sort of supply chain details can often change.

When do I have to order by?

You need to customise your box and have any additional items ordered before Noon on Monday for delivery that same week (order open each week on Wednesday evening – sometimes very late, but Thursday morning is a great time to get in early and be organised.)

If you want to skip your order for the week or put it on hold – you need to do this before your payment is run (for most of you this will be midnight Sunday but you can check in your account on your subscriptions tab)

What is my delivery time?

The Delivery Time is different for every postcode – you can get a rough idea of your time here. As of 27/12/2016 we are beta testing a new system which will SMS you an ETA for your delivery each Monday afternoon and allow you to check your order status through our new Order Tracking page… this is still being tested so we hope you’ll offer us feedback on this feature.

How do I pay for my groceries?

We accept all Visa & MasterCard credit or debit cards via our secure NAB powered checkout. If you sign up for items as subscriptions we will deduct the money from your card each renewal period and deliver the goodies as scheduled.

What do I do with my Empty Boxes?

Please leave them out when you next get a delivery! We reuse them if suitable and recycle them for you when they’ve reached the end of their life.

How do you make my choices count?

Real food Grocer thinks it’s important to pay the producer – so we always pay farmers a fair price at farm gate. We care about our impact on the environment so we choose to sell brands that reflect this by investigating their supply chains for Palm Oil, Fair Wages for workers and ethical business management. You can read about our vision and values here.

What Is Customisation?

If you’ve chosen a mixed box as part of your order we offer you the opportunity to customise our menu. Our menu is selected from the best deal on the tastiest for the season but we know that sometimes that doesn’t mean you like whats in season. So if you hate broccoli swap it for something of equal value – or if you still have a million carrots in the fridge from last weeks delivery swap them for some extra fruit. Our online interface is really simple to use and offers you heaps of options.

How Do I Customise?

Our online interface is really simple to use and offers you heaps of options. For a full rundown on how to customise your box click here.

How Do I Skip a week or weeks?

Our online interface is really simple to use and offers you heaps of options. For a full rundown on how to change your order schedule (by skipping one or more weeks) click here.

How Do I Cancel my Subscription?

Our online interface is really simple to use and offers you heaps of options. For a full rundown on how to cancel your subscription click here.

I Want to change How Often My subscription Arrives – How do I do this?

Our online interface is really simple to use and offers you heaps of options. For a full rundown on how to change the frequency of your subscription click here.

I Want to change the Type of Box I am subscribed to – How do I do this?

Our online interface is really simple to use and offers you heaps of options. For a full rundown on how to change your box type click here.

What happens on Public Holidays?

Our System is set up so that most public holidays wont impact you. But on the rare occasion that a public holiday falls on a Tuesday (I’m looking at you Cup Day!) We’ll reach out with your new delivery day – usually delayed by 24 hours or so. We work super hard so you still getyour goodies these weeks so we hope you’ll be patient if our email responses are a touch slower than usual.

What happens if my payment fails?

When your payment for your subscription fails we try again! The we reach out via SMS (make sure your billing phone number is your mobile number!) and let you know that we’re having trouble. If we hear form you in time we’ll keep your delivery on the schedule for the week – we just need to know whats up and how you’d like us to proceed. If we do deliver before payment has been made we’ll keep trying to collect before we deliver again so you don’t fall too far behind.

What about Temperature control?

Our warehouse has a honking big cool room and our delivery vehicles are all refrigerated. We deliver all your goodies nice and cold – but if you aren’t there to receive them it might be nice if you left out an eski with some ice. We usually carry a bit of ice on board for eskis but can’t guarantee we wont run out before we get to you so make sure you pop a reminder in your phone to remember the ice!

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No you don’t but food doesn’t keep so well if left out in the sun so please make sure you let us know where the best shady spot is -maybe even leave out an eski to keep things cool.

How do I know you’ll deliver me fresh goodies?

We guarantee our goodies – so you’ll get a refund or a replacement if they don’t meet our standards. We sell Farmers Grade produce so expect skin marks and odd sizes. If we send you small items we’ll always add extras and if we send you big ones then you get the extra weight – you should always win 😀

What do I do if something is not quite right?

Fresh food is a bit fickle – it can run into all sorts of trouble and while we’re experts at picking ugly goodies that last and paking them to travel safely sometimes things go awry – if you need help or think a replacement is required simply shoot a picture of the wrong item to customerhappiness@realfoodgrocer.com.au and we’ll help you out as soon as we can.

How do I share you’re incredible service with my friends and family?

Our give 20, Get 20 program means that everyone gets a bonus when you share our service with your friends – they get $20 off when they spend $100 on their groceries with us – and you get $20 account credit for every person who uses your coupon code! Check out the easy ways to share here.