How It Works

Signing Up

1. Register for an Account and Enter your Address Information
First we gather some quick information about you – your name, delivery address and how we contact you via telephone and email. Once you’ve completed this step we’ll automatically log you into your account and take you to the next step.

2. Pick a box!mixed_boxes

 We’ve got heaps of box sizes to choose from (check ’em out here). If our menu doesn’t have an option that suits your household you can just choose exactly what to buy from our shop.
Once you’ve chosen a box – select how often you’d like this to be delivered – you can change this at any time, cancel or skip orders if you go away or would like a different box type.

3. Add any extra items & check out.

Some folks get an “All Your Groceries” pack, others get a fruit & veggie box with some extra bread & eggs, or maybe you just need an extra bag of spuds every now and then. Once you’ve picked your box we’ll take you to our shop so you can add any additional items that tickle your fancy.

To complete your transaction and schedule your first delivery you need to go to checkout and pay for your first delivery. Each recurring delivery will be charged to your chosen card when order close each week – you’ll have up until this time to skip or change your order.

Each Week

1. We source the best of the season and set the menu

Nelle talks to farmers every day (you can check out her adventures on instagram) but each week on Friday she wheels and deals for the following week.

She discovers great, but obscure produce varieties that just are coming to their peak. Also, sourcing the wonky fresh buys that make our boxes special.

Then she spends a bit of time shoe-horning as much of that spectacular produce into our budget as possible. Then you get an email with your menu for the following week.

2. You tweak your order

Your Box will have populated a form on the “My Account” Page allowing you to customise it – this form will be there every time we set whats in a new box for you and will update your order each time you hit “submit”. If this form is gone…it means you’ve missed the cut off and we’re already harvesting your goodies.
Are you a little tired of kale? Is there a dinner party coming up and you need more raspberries? This is where you can tell us. Check the options for each item you don’t want and switch it out. Áfter you submit your changes head to the shop and add any extras not on your subscription. Don’t forget the milk.
You have until the weekly deadline to make changes. Then we make a big harvest list and fill your Real Food boxes. Finally, the boxes are placed in our refrigerated trucks for us to…

3. Deliver to your door

Each suburb has its own delivery time and date. Some customers wake to a Real Food box on their doorstep. Others arrive home to find it waiting – you should take note of your time slot when you sign up so you can leave out an eski for chilled items.

Make sure you’re signed up for text alerts and we’ll let you know when something like pesky traffic has caused a delay.

4. Enjoy

The final step is for your to enjoy your yummy Real Food delivery. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

How Customisation Works

Our Mixed boxes are the best value – and one of the things that makes them a step above anyone elses is our unique ability to customise online.

Every Friday I set a new menu for each of these boxes – designed to make the most of whats in season and whats grown a bit too wonky for the big retailers. We take all these farmers grade products and pop them together in a beautiful bundle for you and then shoot you an email.

Once you’ve received your email you can log into your account and jump across to the Update My Boxes tab.  Its here that you can see all the options available for your box. Simply choose exactly the combination you’d prefer from the menu and we’ll deliver!

We love mixed boxes – they give us an opportunity to maximise our buying power as a small green grocer & bring you better value for money and also to showcase what we think is the best available produce of the season. But we get it that not everybody likes broccoli – or kale – or that you might have quite enough apples for now. So we offer order customisation as part of our service.

What we mean by customisation is that – in a few simple clicks – you can switch any item in a mixed box for another item we offer of similar value. You do this by logging into our website and going to your account homepage

How Order Scheduling Works

We offer great discounts & incentives to our regular subscribers. Customers who are signed up for a weekly or fortnightly box get the best benefit from our service – but what if you want to go away? or need to stop our service entirely? How does this work? Is there a commitment?

There is no commitment to our service – you’re free to suspend our cease your deliveries anytime or change from weekly to fortnightly or vice versa – we ask only that you make these changes in our secure online system and that you do them before your ordering cut off.

To change the frequency of your delivery, skip, suspend or cancel you need to log into our website and go to the my account section. Once there select the Subscriptions tab and then click on the subscription you wish to alter – you need to make changes to each subscription individually.


You have until your payment day to place orders and until Monday noon to submit any customisations.

To cancel click cancel, to pop your orders on hold for a while click suspend and to change how often your delivery arrives click Edit Subscription. Tada! you can access these functions and make these changes any time of day – as long as it’s before your ordering cut off.