Hand selected. Grown with love. Packed carefully and delivered to you

You’ll love the abundant, great value boxes. The full fridge and huge carrots. The recipe suggestions that come with your weekly menu and the free home delivery.

A Weekly Harvest – How it all Works:

Fridays: A New Menu Opens
Every Friday we set a new seasonal menu for our mixed boxes and new specials for customers who prefer to choose their own.

Then we invite you to customise your orders and set up your shopping list for your next delivery.

Check Out This Weeks Menus

Set Your Shopping List
Add or remove items from your shopping list, get it just right so that when orders close for your delivery day we can turn your Shopping List into an order.

You can also skip your deliveries for this cycle or even cancel at any time before your payment runs.

Payment & Harvesting your Goodies
When orders close for your area we will charge your chosen credit card for the items on your shopping list.

Then we harvest and order each item on your list for you and pop them into a reusable Real Food Grocer box ready for delivery.

Your order closing day is determined by your delivery area – check your account page for more information.

Put Out an Eski for Delivery
After payment is made for the items on your shopping list we put all our orders for the week into a fuel efficient loop and send you an SMS notifying you of a delivery window.

No need to be home to receive delivery but we do recommend that you leave out an eski filled with ice for us to pop your goodies in.

A Fridge Full of Guaranteed Freshness
Our selection criteria is unique in that we hand select farmers grade produce prioritising taste, longevity, and affordability.

We are passionate about our supply chain because you deserve to know where your food comes from and what impact your spending choices have on the world. 

A guarantee from Real Food Grocer means that we’ll credit or replace the problem item(s). Every time.

All we ask is that you send us a photo of the unsatisfactory item(s) to our email address before the Monday following your order.

Food tastes better when someone else has done the shopping for you

Ordering online is just a few clicks to set up a shopping list. You can choose one of our seasonal mixed boxes or just choose items from our shop.

A Real Food Family

“We either had a half hour drive (with four kids!!) to get comparable value and quality, or we shopped locally and didn’t get the same quality.”

We did a cart comparison on one of Lorens most recent shops to see just how much she saved by getting her delivery from Real Food Grocer instead of with a larger supermarket

Road To Zero Landfill

We’ve removed plastic from our produce packaging and limit our paper packaging too -but we don’t think this goes far enough.

Real Food Grocer is taking responsibility for the waste we produce in our supply chain – from start to finish. We’re on the road to zero landfill.

Shopping with Real Food Grocer makes a Real Difference.

While you pop your weeks produce away you can feel how crisp the lettuce is. You’ll see that there are marks on the skin of your avocado and that it won’t be ready to eat for a couple of days so you put it next to the not-so-pink apples in your fruit bowl. You’ll always be feeling great because shopping with Real Food Grocer makes a Real Difference.

Single-use plastic bags are saved per customer per year by choosing our packaging carefully.

kg of carbon emissions is saved by each customer by shopping with us.

mSquared of Forest are saved us by choosing to boycott products that contain uncertified palm oil.

Amazingly Abundant

You wont believe the savings! (our mixed boxes are 30-50% better value than supermarket pricing)

Fully Customisable

Our menu is choc-full of the seasonal best buys – but you can switch any item for another one of equal value.

Easy Delivery

Right to your door every week that you want it – so easy to skip when the cupboards are already chokkas!

Prevent Food Waste

Our Farmers Grade ugly but tasty produce is all about preventing fresh food in landfill. And we’ve got no plastic packaging!

Start Shopping

Setting up an Account with Real Food Grocer starts with a quick postcode search to see what your delivery day is. Then, we grab some important information like where to deliver and help you set up a Shopping List. From there you can add as much or as little as you like to the list and we'll deliver it on your next delivery day!

Ugly Does Not Mean Inferior

Our selection criteria is unique in that we hand select farmers grade produce prioritising taste, longevity, and affordability.  Our criteria demonstrates that we acknowledge our customers belief in fair wages for all, reduced food waste and package, and their household nutrition more than the aesthetics of their food.  We are passionate about our suppliy chain because you deserve to know where your food comes from and what impact your spending choices have on the world. 

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